Consulting and Engineering

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Consulting and Engineering

EDS Pumps & Water Treatment has many trained and professional staff to help you.

We have a Groundwater Hydrogeologist, who is a specialist in groundwater aquifers, to determine where new wells should be located, setbacks from septic systems, creeks, and buildings and all your water well issues.

Our mechanical engineer can design and specify various pumping systems for your water and wastewater requirements.

With several certified Water Quality Specialists on staff, we can design and recommend a wide variety of water treatment systems for homes and industry.

One of our key attributes is being able to provide you with expert consultation of pump and water treatment applications for your water and wastewater needs.

At EDS Pumps we are certified in many areas including:

Electrical installations
Plumbing service and installations
Public Water System Operations (EOCP)
Certified Pump Installers
Certified Water Treatment Specialists
Certified Irrigation Designer
Mechanical Engineering
Ground Water Hydrology
Pump Applications Experts


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