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Pump & Motor Repairs

EDS pumps are fully equipped with a service shop for carrying out repairs and testing on all makes of pumps and motors. 


Water and Wastewater Pump and motor repairs

EDS Pumps have a fully equipped service shop to dismantle, repair and test all makes of pumps and motors.  Three phase and single-phase voltages are available to test every motor. Our shop features an overhead crane, bearing press and water test tanks to verify pump operation after repair.  Electric, gas or diesel we do it all from 1/2 HP to 150 HP

Alignment and vibration testing

Our technicians can use our advanced laser alignment equipment to verify that pump and motor connections are inline and true. We also feature a bearing vibration analysis test to identify any potential alignment and bearing issues before they become costly repairs.

Bearing and Mechanical Seal replacements

EDS Pumps technicians can replace most brands of seals and bearings in any kind of pump or motor.

Motor Winding repairs

EDS works with an electric motor rewind shop to give you cost effective replacement and repair options for most makes of motors.

Machine shop repairs

We can do repairs such as shaft rebuilding and volute repair, corrosion and abrasion coatings can be completed. Leave it to us to do bearing and mechanical seal replacements too.


Buying or repairing a pump? EDS Pumps is your one stop shop.  EDS Pumps have you covered from start to finish from stock to custom pump builds engineered to meet your needs.

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