Water Testing

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Water Testing Why should I test my water?
  • To maintain a safe and reliable water supply
  • To ensure your water is suitable for drinking
  • Identify and existing problems
  • It helps to track changes over time
  • Ensure your water treatment is working properly

It’s important to test your water regularly. EDS Pumps in-house lab provides accurate, affordable water testing that will allow us to identify water problems. Our knowledgeable staff will provide water treatment options that will meet your budget.

Water is an ever-changing resource, especially if it is coming from a well or other sources. Environmental conditions are always changing and will affect what is in your water. That is why it is important to have your water tested.

Does your water have an unpleasant taste, foul odour or stain your fixtures?

There could be an unwanted mineral accumulation of harmful bacteria present in your well. Even more importantly, some water additives and impurities, like arsenic, cause problems you can’t taste, see, or smell. At EDS Pumps we understand how important it is to know what’s in your water.

Additionally, EDS Pumps works with a fully accredited lab should you require a full spectrum test. If you already have a report and are looking to understand it our water specialist will go through the results with you and let you know what your treatment options are. Please call one of our water specialists at 604-534-1115


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