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Water Well Services

Water is essential to running your home and business. The lack of well maintenance and repair can halt pumping or drawing of water due to breakdowns.  EDS Pumps and Water Treatment offers complete Well Services including installations, repairs, including plumbing and preventive maintenance for all your residential and commercial needs. Our trained professionals are ready and available to provide you with the support and service you require.

Well Cleaning (remediation)

Well cleaning disinfects and sanitizes your well. We use special chemicals and techniques to kill bacteria and remove scale giving you a healthier and more productive water system.

Why clean your well?

  • Improved water flow
  • Removal of iron build-up
  • Reduction of bacteria biofilm

Well Disinfection

Well disinfection is the process of using a disinfectant to eliminate potentially dangerous microorganisms.

Why Disinfect?

  • When coliform bacteria are present in the water
  • After flooding of a well
  • After plumbing installations, for example, water treatment, sinks, filters
  • After well casing or pump repairs
  • When water taste or odour changes, for example from iron or sulphur-reducing bacteria.
  • As part of annual maintenance
  • During the startup of seasonal wells.
Well Closures

At EDS Pumps, we offer a variety of well closure and pressure grouting services for abandoned wells, including artesian wells.

Why should I close my well?

  • Limits future liabilities
  • Protects the aquifers.
  • Prevents site water damage.
Well Drilling Consultation

EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. specializes in pump and water treatment systems for wells. Our team of certified pump installers, plumbers, electricians, and our own Groundwater Hydrogeologist can ensure that your well is properly sited, meets all setback requirements and is properly drilled

Flow tests

We provide flow tests to measure how your well flows over a short period of time. (litres/gallons per minute). This will let you know if your well system is delivering an adequate water supply for your residential and/or commercial usage requirements.  We have a groundwater Hydrogeologist on staff to certify the results.

Water System Inspection

When purchasing a home with a private well it’s highly recommended to have your water system inspected.  Our service team will complete a full water system inspection that will include a detailed report of the well pump & motor performance, pressure tank performance, water filtration, RO and UV systems.  Our specialist will also provide you with recommendations to improve your water system.

Temporary Water Systems
  • For a well that has run dry
  • Water supply for a specific event
  • Water for off the grid
  • Seasonal for a poor producing well

EDS Pumps can set up a Temporary Water System.  We’ll supply you with the water tank and the pump and it can all be used with a 110 volt outlet.  A garden house can be connected right to the system.  A water solution to cover emergencies or temporary needs.

Well Camera Inspection

We provide this service for all residential and commercial customers. There are many reasons why you would put a camera down a well, including to check for damage or blockages.  Our Water Specialists can help determine if this is a service that would be beneficial for you.

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