Temp/Back up Potable Water Systems

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Temporary/Backup Potable Water Systems

Have you been experiencing a shortage of well water lately? Are you finding that your well is unable to produce enough water to last you through another dry summer?

Here are a few symptoms that your well might be running dry:

1. The clarity of your water may have been compromised and it could appear murky or hazy.
2. Your faucets may experience intermittent bursts of air while in use.
3. Your pump may be working overtime, either by running for longer durations or more frequently in an attempt to extract water.
4. The taste or odour of your water may be altered, due to sediment accumulation at the base of your well.

EDS Pumps is here to help you. We have a water system that can assist you in getting through the tough, dry season. Our water system comes equipped with a water tank and pump that can be used with a 110-volt outlet. You can even connect a garden hose directly to the system. This is an excellent water solution that you can count on. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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